The Open Source Data Center Conference (OSDC) – Simplifying complex IT Infrastructures with Open Source

Covering the entire range of application of OS software in data centers and huge IT environments, the event’s set objective is to provide an outlook on future-oriented developments, to point out new perspectives, to outline innovative approaches and to give deep insights into state-of-the-art OS data center solutions for complex IT infrastructures.

The annual get-together of international open source data center specialists, offers the unique possibility to meet international experts and benefit from their comprehensive experience. Adapted especially to experienced administrators and architects the two-day lecture program includes in particular the latest know-how for daily practice.

An essential element of the OSDC is the opportunity for social networking and community building. The ideal setting to assure this aspect is provided by the informal supporting program. Seize the chance for an extensive exchange of experiences, exciting discussions and socializing with the open source community in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.